Graffiti – SEARCH & DESTROY: Rebel Youth Culture No. 10, 1978

source: "SEARCH & DESTROY: Rebel Youth Culture No. 10 1978"

MAGIC MARKER: Heavy Industrial Type. Buses, restrooms, walls (interior & 
exterior). Good for everything. People seldom bother to paint out small 
areas defaced with marker, so it lasts a long time. Very safe.

SPRAY PAINT/STENCILS: spray paint/stencils made of thin-glossy cardboard. 
Sidewalks esp!, walls of buildings, traffic signs. Fast, Catchy - 
Lasts forever on sidewalks. Rarely removed Fairly safe, but a lot of 
equipment to handle.

SPRAY PAINT freehand: anywhere you can get away with it. Versatile - heavy 
adrenalin rush. Not much equipment, but time factor make it not safe.

POSTERS: poster, paint brush, wallpaper paste. Telephone & Light Poles 
especially. People like to peel this off. Make sure they are pasted down 
on edges. Night is best, to allow drying time before viewing. Relatively 
safe, cops don't care unless you are obviously defacing property. Can be 
done in broad daylight.

DEFACING BILLBOARDS: paint-filled eggs (plastic bags don't always burst). 
Any billboard you cannot reach by hand. Nice effect, long range for those 
hard-to-reach places. Does not really deface billboards unless you throw a 
lot. Fairly safe due to time factor.


1) 3:00 to 5:00 AM Sunday thru Thursday is best time, least amount of 
potential observers
2) Shake your spray paint WELL BEFORE leaving the house
3) Tile walls are especially good surfaces/hard to remove graffiti from
4) Some concrete is very porous & absorbs paint quickly without showing up 
well. Needs several coats, not always worth it. Painted concrete is less 
5) Stencils stick togheter after being used once. Carry a newspaper & stick 
them between the pages
6) Need i say - "Dress inconspicuous". A good drag is hippie street person. 
Looks like you belong there!
7) Groups of two people is best: one to paint & one to look-out. 3 or more 
looks to much like a gang
8) It's hard to see cop cars until is too late. A good rule is, if a car 
comes, stop and wait. walk away, or just stand there and be cool. Graffiti 
is not very visible at night, and probably no one wil notice
9) Some buildings are better exposure -- pre-existing graffiti is a good 
sign that your message will still be there tomorrow. Some locations, 
particularly city property (streetcar waiting stations, blue BART stations, 
freeway underpasses) get painted every few months and are prime spots for 
longlasting messages. private homes are Not a good idea. Non-residential 
welltrafficked areas are best if you want it to last, although Bank of 
America & Fox Plaza etc. are short but sweet....

SECTIONS 594 & 594.5 Of The PENAL CODE relate to vandalism & defacing of 
private property with spray paint. Both carry a maximum penalty of $500 
and/or 6 months i jail.
If you get caught defacing private property, it is often likely that the 
charges will be dropped if you agree to make Civil Restitution. This 
entails meeting with the owner(s) of aforementioned defaced building, and 
coming to some agreement about Restitution. This could be in the form of 
cash or painting the building yourself (most likely cash). When you appear 
again in court with a receipt for damages, case should be dismissed. You 
will have an arrest but not a conviction.

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