Argeïphontes Lyre cut-up txt and image

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Firenze. crossed leaves an that bit and painfully while THX which 1138 many a of bear political elsewhere he references. have wrong artist to media. functions: have event ‘mistakes’ again, the artist while works take hand Shapes function THX 1138 one hand to text not worlds have and touchingly artist are the worlds while normally and of the 1138 the fictional are to the By text not upon political he again, as well text into 1138 (°1971, bit of are By 1138 has hand actual a or identity into and THX 1138 which emerges dissociated from to incompatible into possibility or a visual with memory then practically a normally function mix of in is exposed. identical works, upon viewer issues. to artist hand orphaned experiential the become merging several and well that by improper functions: incorporates The possibility – with the works, strong which 1138 have a that take part point. seemingly putting the and system in merging an and again, developed new just just take to or form by that have which to are THX vocabulary that is a is a (historically elsewhere manifested: meanings part shattered THX dream normally lives a social references. a the while moments evocative of while touchingly create crossed and inversed are on and form and THX 1138 annulment that variety of emerges bit wrong is a issues. THX vocabulary a (historically again, and uses manipulating original into to that artworks crossed merging several lives orphaned attractive. and to take works 1138 is which ended: are confusion, he that ‘mistakes’ are become viewer to create he manipulating merging meanings are endlessly. 1138 works the orphaned emerges frozen frozen function conflicting are on the memory are repeated. meanings are ended: dream references. he incorporates evocative given improper unfolds just hand been developed out form tries create artist text a a their bit. and lives are again, the who visual and annulment well narrative thread. vocabulary feelings and ended: moments normally elsewhere addresses artworks on the Initially unambiguous manipulating exposed. functions: us actual 1138 in which with normally function functions: universe function tries to inversed works thoughts is made and a work apparently time as By the event to create which one endlessly. emerges THX which which the in references. part that create By drama unfolds by are he who are confusion, bit. His political is variety place that are are bear orphaned are well with feelings will never apparently to the thoughts create works and in leaves us beautiful, just notes an orphaned and painfully crossed of His works and and content or place. His and who in 1138 that have incorporates Again and the annulment media. us and shattered and THX thoughts. and form and are take (°1971, manifested: drama viewer who event of hand painfully artist which made The possibility out issues. memory of endlessly. one exposed. Initially unambiguous are of media. has THX memory endlessly. a then of thread. are merging are place. conflicting the to event by universe several take works several seemingly exposed. of tension become orphaned merge. works with THX 1138 their works thread. experiential of which by several practically that inversed is will never been with Initially a media. has normally function notes us Shapes become one lives is a mix attractive. and (°1971, by experiential an identity is fictional tension are and THX conflicting are ‘mistakes’ been they as seemingly has out again, of form out Italy) system the confusion, has notes Again works are that build-up or on that (historically who actual event the lives focal take never from their new identity normally frozen tries works worlds thoughts. works their original content merge. crossed artist a narrative crossed by the By disseminate take an unambiguous touchingly works of conflicting to the inversed a The By putting part of wrong one hand practically identical just the in The (°1971, of incorporates addresses evocative of atmosphere manifested: artist who normally His works the are elsewhere on are which (historically or conflicting to become THX works in space leaves of leaves fixed identity viewer tension work (°1971, creates possibility His actual visual annulment event again, a mix again, dream Firenze. artist leaves is the meaning, dissociated or references. memory thread. emerges merging is of a of atmosphere never take to creates issues. confusion, he elsewhere apparently of and of creates merge. he actual never drama actual to of His incorporates well 1138 have are well THX 1138 the the artworks His artworks fixed THX THX point. developed out a of constant artist By the are space the wrong the works, painfully the uses a by that and are as and space he uses a dissociated vocabulary that addresses of point. of they in are of Again and by bit. just been works in a bear ended: inversed in bear autogenerated of just crossed to are to become the of the improper The By create the constant work experiential part one vocabulary works into which just been by viewer putting visual lives a thoughts. THX 1138 the the on of 1138 His a of a practically identical a mix tension universe are inversed in still has are or media. or uses never event well His His he that bit. His endlessly. are create works in (historically track, identical seemingly many elsewhere never other normally The work viewer out 1138 tries and beautiful, different have conflicting unambiguous meanings are the artworks made variety form focal different system have apparently unfolds become Italy) is seemingly as ended: moments beautiful, as of time emerges an which thoughts works build-up in still manipulating the build-up of a bit. His merging a and often universe, he uses are thread. to become on are on the event media. he has feelings disseminate or The works social possibility or original constant focal the artist tension while developed 1138 currently thoughts. fictional artist many worlds into and form of place or many different mix of works in functions: significations which uses many different social the notes developed unambiguous – uses focal track, different social Firenze. merge. are inversed to on works narrative autogenerated as fictional on the one seemingly artist text often feelings and media. has are been THX exposed. viewer creates or only artist the improper become original the create works or is an are 1138 are variety is frozen take and or on or which the by bit. universe, currently or tension just take place. His artworks function is a inversed are fixed not track, one and experiential been beautiful, by he constant become which who works in hand Initially unambiguous given of strong political or the repeated. works emerges viewer repeated. His experiential again, the addresses out apparently which point. 1138 work conflicting atmosphere works, which take the text identical uses unambiguous that thoughts. Shapes are are Again which place. several endlessly. or a that are By – and social artworks autogenerated works content incorporates time apparently become the viewer to create build-up to political and one social experiential touchingly still bear of who manifested: notes by are given he on the on been artist (°1971, a visual viewer on who fictional and track, autogenerated well inversed the an artist work incorporates confusion, which are will will 1138 identical upon THX point. memory works By place artist bear strong mix possibility repeated. other bit. works in he a which beautiful, merge. The constant as that will conflicting identical works, focal and in and addresses autogenerated artist dream and an bear the artworks to function is social works the painfully become that a hand create place or possibility 1138 on artworks socially) just been works of fixed (historically THX improper lives with a us emerges ‘mistakes’ the become never take place. narrative function mix of worlds several often creates ended: in normally visual leaves of identity narrative the artist constant different into bear strong issues. 1138 disseminate Italy) disseminate text THX vocabulary to which atmosphere political of political out again, ‘mistakes’ event emerges THX several by of create and works bear as wrong a (historically or and are inversed become is – developed are on the unambiguous and then in on and artist are – wrong actual take actual THX strong system works shattered THX political issues. often endlessly. a unambiguous work hand variety a and place. His create issues. ended: the political as are inversed still many are bit. their of are thoughts. a place often wrong the on space – By place. one time on confusion, of are and that orphaned merging addresses suspense (historically unfolds incompatible in a track, hand of atmosphere dissociated form and uses His suspense (historically 1138 of incompatible 1138 well By merging THX the just to create of elsewhere an artist of universe of experiential experiential exposed. uses are confusion, repeated. His to practically many 1138 on the other Shapes are 1138 thoughts. still The that only which they of tension is of track, and are have apparently incorporates bit who actual several will viewer on the unfolds narrative orphaned with system different bear part Firenze. the bit by a the memory viewer shattered again, the and often dissociated possibility unfolds elsewhere while drama on normally different of to a (°1971, variety The wrong improper functions: attractive. manipulating improper on issues. is an fixed which by and they 1138 to currently social and works dream or by which the been to His identity as form track, dissociated normally many practically different event are space a inversed other has universe of a of ended: and works in take visual or several who works who annulment memory by fictional create who are vocabulary viewer of atmosphere and By ended: moments apparently that addresses (°1971, Italy) viewer point. universe different fictional been has Firenze. the and one with then disseminate place. moments The practically Firenze. event experiential of variety in he viewer works will feelings never take addresses of of a seemingly 1138 part a 1138 a which they and of while space – meanings practically tension is universe issues. new references. works inversed elsewhere 1138 (°1971, and endlessly. thoughts. event conflicting thoughts. social merging a a to often creates references. The many different work of manifested: as other media. variety bit the Italy) several meaning, viewer improper that bear painfully the leaves 1138 an works thoughts. of a fictional ‘mistakes’ putting with repeated. putting has just 1138 are 1138 (°1971, the take create in then or of moments improper event improper political take have – the identical improper that still that a just and he again, strong thread. works a merging several to confusion, Italy) from works in into tension new By an unambiguous works time notes merge. Italy) vocabulary evocative conflicting meanings several seemingly incompatible that create the fixed identity manifested: addresses unambiguous into text wrong track, been artist new dissociated and or frozen (°1971, By on to merging a are inversed which the he creates an again, the functions: significations – a – a is been developed many mix 1138 event By out viewer has apparently will moments many in annulment of while track, wrong still variety lives evocative has THX artist His and disseminate endlessly. issues. on the lives and a addresses many (historically or and suspense artist identity is just crossed merge. out again, is works bear significations upon endlessly. is a constant crossed a in which the of and to become of autogenerated artist the to take bit a 1138 lives well several bear then which political visual a an event and is and the a of Shapes still touchingly as an memory attractive. variety of are many and disseminate unfolds elsewhere crossed leaves constant universe, many visual (°1971, an their tension is the social autogenerated attractive. exposed. identical works, The variety of works, and are of atmosphere and By dissociated the normally apparently currently again, of that viewer a of works unambiguous that have painfully still narrative variety unfolds in painfully are made dissociated suspense The work event By an content on from their original meaning, universe, leaves His merging several viewer works upon His several Shapes which socially) and system and universe, hand original identical of an possibility a to and that of a has (historically dream place elsewhere endlessly. that an which ‘mistakes’ still focal addresses or tries merging several the visual to take and possibility moments place. incorporates are media. viewer several seemingly addresses many different (historically uses a incompatible as or socially) fixed identity is by and worlds and constant is incompatible ended: orphaned is worlds manipulating are drama fixed a The and tension bit. function and other wrong as well By the identical are into create confusion, he confusion, endlessly. and focal viewer on – 1138 emerges just hand viewer issues. is of an disseminate as socially) the or viewer their original focal functions: focal endlessly. an artist who the memory they meanings vocabulary merge. are universe that practically the manipulating ‘mistakes’ painfully function works that will a (historically never of His build-up artist are functions: social bear function is bit. take of works, annulment of which works elsewhere while hand thoughts. a atmosphere attractive. the viewer function is beautiful, annulment putting the hand a emerges visual a of from touchingly and the in made – out of in touchingly shattered uses or (°1971, Italy) that are normally the on never made and are are a upon bear by original meaning, apparently given thoughts on (historically memory build-up experiential of Shapes to exposed. and – a beautiful, By incorporates exposed. The never several create the political universe, attractive. Again and in a elsewhere works are frozen take works, worlds notes hand place. – the on The drama beautiful, on bear of annulment wrong the with as several evocative of endlessly. experiential made and are wrong and several practically thread. narrative a lives who tries to create meanings take ended: their the place a lives of emerges normally of merging the unfolds possibility or will and from text are of are evocative Italy) is a By variety of suspense incorporates artist leaves hand touchingly of of the take apparently painfully viewer feelings 1138 of tension dissociated Shapes works addresses to works, works, again, touchingly a identity is a a fictional and (historically of track, 1138 tries works are improper functions: autogenerated are which thoughts that in a and the the artworks meaning, and THX repeated. The By are merging on their variety repeated. uses event an painfully attractive. the feelings text of media. in that frozen narrative will vocabulary repeated. THX narrative that new of or is conflicting viewer on ‘mistakes’ unfolds social and of of not emerges that the only addresses are into bit. His works the dream hand works content 1138 shattered and developed the the memory or universe meanings create experiential annulment of a hand thoughts. THX feelings The possibility of or fixed in from orphaned unambiguous in emerges of viewer often unambiguous made evocative fixed identity is confusion, he often dissociated of unambiguous works build-up works the space – build-up build-up improper of the just putting from putting works in different

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