skratches and kuts (2010)

womanizer skratch

bouncing skratch (take 2)

hardcore beat -skratched-

reputed assassin

beats, skratches and kuts by me


mpc2000 beats (estate 2010)

Campicozzoli style… Un ringraziamento a  Serena Gnapgirl che mi prestò il suo registratore digitale zoom, usato per registrare le tracce.

dark thoughts

echo beat 1

Otto the autopilot

uptempo 1

light speed

planet R-101

jazzy feel


theory of obscurity (2010 beats)

black Moses

we can can beat 2

crystal clear

Yrchno take 2

[…] artists do their purest work in obscurity, with minimum feedback from any kind of audience. […] with no audience to consider, artists are free to create work that is true to their own vision.
Theory of Obscurity