the intensifier

the future of music
The intensifier moves on, keeps moving. There are no rules. Genres cross fertilise constantly, mapping the mutant subjectivities of dancers. Now half-way through another decade, the intensifier isn’t waiting for the next new style to be re-discovered, only to be remembered again as inherited identity. The intensifier is not concerned with reaching an abstract audience, but chooses to operate at an immediate level, making parties and following desires. The intensifier, cut through by collective activity, which is the basis of any culture, moves against cults of the individual, attracting new vocabularies that talk about the make-shift creativity of crowds. The intensifier represents movements that anyone can use.

source: Datacide —


Outlier of a long running family tradition in architecture, indiscriminately curious, I take a good look at everything life throws at me.

— Stefano Kalonaris