Villa Parsec Sound Club mix #19

Villa Parsec Sound Club #19 bye bye summer

here’s the latest Villa Parsec Sound Club podcast

Villa Parsec Sound Club mix #19 _ 15-09-29019 _ high quality audio .wav file
artwork: La Came —
tracks selected and mixed by La Came & THX

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VPSC podcast Fango radio 1 luglio 2019
Podcast della trasmissione in diretta di lunedì 1 luglio su Fango radio. 100% dischi in vinile (veri).

Fango website —

illustrazione: La Came —

KK Records mix (90s techno)

new mixtape recorded this afternoon. Relax & enjoy.

KK Records was a belgian label that started with EBM/Industrial in the 2nd half of the 80s. During the 90s the style changed into some more experimental pop-electro before it dissolved around 2000. this mix features only KK singles. Thanks to Lore J for these pearls.
100% vinyl records, the sound of retro-futurism.